Pelvic physiotherapy for pelvic pain and female sexual dysfunction: an untapped resource?

What Will I Learn?
  • 1. Understand the significance and structure of the different health care providers’s (medical doctors, pelvic physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.) assessment like history-taking, exam, classification, analysis & evaluation of CPP and sexual dysfunctions
  • 2. Discuss and understand the level of evidence for conservative, non-pharmaceutical interventions for CPP and sexual dysfunctions
  • 3. Discuss and understand multidisciplinary models and algorithms for CPP and sexual dysfunctions

Curriculum for this course
00:31:58 Hours
  • Pelvic physiotherapy for pelvic pain and female sexual dysfunction: an untapped resource? 00:31:58
  • Webinar pdf
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  • Suggested level: advanced
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This webinar provides medical doctors, physical therapists, nurses and other health providers, evidence-based biological rationale and clinical relevant hands-on training about diagnostics and conservative treatment in women with (chronic) pelvic pain(C)PP and sexual dysfunction. What are the underlying concepts and principles of pelvic floor rehabilitation, what kind of patients are most suitable and what is the level of evidence, how is this evidence linked and how is it implemented into clinical practice. The practical part builds on the biological rationale and shows the participant innovative and effective assessment and treatment modalities. 

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