Urine incontinence

What Will I Learn?
  • 1. Understand (the different types of) SUI
  • 2. Discuss and understand the biological rationale of physiotherapy for these different types of SUI and theire prognostics for success or failure
  • 3. Insight and knowledge of the current level of evidence for physiotherapy and its place in the algorithm of treatment options

Curriculum for this course
00:53:00 Hours
  • Stress urine urine incontinence 00:53:00
  • Webinar pdf
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  • Suggested level: minimal basic knowledge advised
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Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the most common form of incontinence impacting on quality of life (QOL) and is associated with high financial, social, and emotional costs. In this webinar it is demonstrated that in SUI, to improve the extrinsic closing mechanism of the urethra, pelvic physiotherapy focuses mainly on pre-contraction, timing, increase of strength, endurance and fatigability, and coordination of the peri-urethral and pelvic floor muscles (PFM). It shows treatment modalities for SUI being patient information and education, pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), with or without biofeedback, electrical stimulation and vaginal cones. With an adequate patient selection scientific evidence for PFMT shows high short and long term results. Long term results depend also on patient’s adherence to home-maintenance training and the physiotherapist’s skills and knowledge of relevant training programs. Pelvic physiotherapy for (predominant) stress urinary incontinence is effective and is a first-line, attractive treatment option.

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