Face to face

Join us in our 'evidence-based and practical hands-on courses' on different pelvic floor and bladder dysfunctions and find out all you need to know about innovative concepts for assessment, evaluation and treatment of the most prevalent pelvic health problems, such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunctions.

We organize and offer theoretical and practical training in conjunction with Abafi Holland and Faculdade Inspirar, Brazil.

Abafi Holland is a highly experienced Dutch education and training center working together with the renowned Faculdade Inspirar, one of the most prominent universities in Brazil with over 30 centers in the major cities of Brazil. Nowadays, Faculdade Inspirar has been settled also in Portugal and Maastricht, The Netherlands. The very experienced and skilled faculty has provided high-level courses worldwide. When you decide to participate in one of our 'home-based' courses, Abafi Holland offers unique opportunities to visit the beautiful and historical city of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

All webinars and courses provide evidence-based assessment, pelvic floor muscle training, all kinds of biofeedback and advanced electrical stimulation.


To enhance knowledge and practical skills

1. Of assessment and evaluation of function and structure of the pelvic floor and pelvic organs.

2. Of conservative treatment.

3. Of measuring effects and efficiency of conservative management.

Target Audience

Physiotherapists and pelvic physiotherapists with an interest in conservative management of pelvic floor and bladder problems, and any other health care provider relevant for the field.

Course director

Maura Seleme -PT PhD
Abafi Holland and Faculdade Inspirar
Maastricht, The Netherlands